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Anyone in sales can likely attest, expanding and scaling a sales team is a challenge. To properly grow your team, you first must find the right candidates, interview, and hire them. Then, you have to get your new reps onboard, familiar with your sales stack, trained, and ready to sell. This is often a process […]
Voicemail drop is rapidly becoming a must-have feature for startup and enterprise sales teams alike. Not too long ago, the ability to automatically leave a pre-recorded voicemail was simply a nice-to-have option, but teams have discovered the time savings, productivity increases, and voicemail quality improvements that come with them. If a sales team of 10 […]
Sales enablement helps sales leaders achieve higher quota attainment, more revenue, higher sales velocity, and increased lead conversion rates. Since your organization can no longer afford to avoid sales enablement, we’ve included five ways tips to help you quickly get your sales enablement program up and running. 1. Sales Enablement Isn’t Training nor Coaching Training […]
In the world of sales, call recording can be a touchy subject. Some management teams are incredibly passionate about utilizing them as they feel it gives them insight into their sales reps’ day-to-day activities. However, some management teams might worry that their sales reps will feel micromanaged if their calls are recorded. If that’s the […]
It can be a challenge to remain customer-focused when the pressure is turned up from your sales managers, especially at the end of a quarter. It’s even more challenging at the end of the fiscal year. It’s easy to just focus in on the numbers. Now don’t get me wrong- we are all hired to […]
No matter what you’re selling, one of the most important things that can set you apart from your competitors is responsiveness. Although I work in sales, I am frequently a buyer. One of the things that frustrates me most, is when salespeople simply aren’t responsive enough. Customers are involving sales reps later and later in […]

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Anna Kelley

Anna Kelley is a sales representative at RingDNA. She is passionate about building relationships with businesses and solving their pain points through technology. When she's not helping customers find solutions, she loves to spend time outdoors riding horses or rock climbing.