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No two salespeople are exactly alike. But when you’ve spent enough time managing sales reps, you begin to notice patterns. There are some personality types that are common to most sales organizations. And one of the biggest mistakes that sales managers make is managing every rep the same. Inside sales reps with different personalities will […]
In industries with a contract/recurring revenue model (such as SaaS) it’s often even more important to keep your current customers than to win new ones. After all, losing a big account can have a monumental impact on ROI numbers. That’s why sales leaders need to not only track pipeline metrics, but also track metrics that give insight […]
Sales analytics can give sales leaders valuable insight into both reps’ activities and the outcomes of those activities. Having that visibility can empower leaders to do a far better job of coaching reps to success. But analytics can also be used to help coaches improve their own performance. For our latest eBook, we asked some sales […]
If you were to take a cross-section of all the world’s top performing sales leaders, I bet you’d find something important they have in common: they are perpetually on the hunt for new opportunities to optimize sales ROI. They are always on the lookout for new metrics to track that can help them make smarter revenue […]
2017 is here! As sales professionals, we’re always looking for new ways to expand our skill set and make new connections. Going to the right conferences can actually offer fantastic ROI to sales professionals. First of all, there are almost always sessions and keynotes featuring top industry experts. It’s a great place to share strategies […]
There is always something new to learn in sales. Every year, I’m impressed and awed by new selling strategies, techniques, tactics and tools that come to light. There are so many brilliant salespeople out there, and we’re lucky that some of the best are willing to share their hard-earned knowledge and secrets with us. Let’s […]
Sales prospecting is incredibly difficult. If you have a manager-level title or above, you’re probably inundated with a stream of emails and InMail from B2B sales reps trying to make deals. Let’s be honest, none us us have time to read them all, let alone respond. According to research from TOPO, only 29% of sales emails […]
Going into a new sales year, it’s more important that ever to ensure that sales and are in lock-step. One of the biggest mistakes that I see B2B companies make is assuming that Marketing’s job is simply to generate leads. Sure, generating high-quality leads is an essential ingredient in a healthy sales pipeline. But the best […]
Are you looking for new ways to transform your sales team in 2017? In 2016, we partnered with some of the most successful sales leaders in the world to create our most popular library of sales eBooks and sales tools yet. Each resource is packed with tips that you can start using right away to accelerate […]
Sales managers have the power to inspire their team to top performance and help reps achieve their career goals. It’s therefore no coincidence that many of the world’s most successful sales organizations have both recruited top sales leaders and provided them with the tools they need to coach their team to success. We scoured the […]
Step onto the showroom floor at any large-scale technology conference and you’re bound to see hundreds or even thousands of technology vendors offering competing solutions. Each promises to be the magic bullet that maximizes productivity and drives exponential revenue for your business. But the truth is that all companies have a limited budget. No one […]
Sales operations managers are often viewed as a sales team’s MVP. Why? Because the best sales ops superheroes regularly find ways to remove reps’ stumbling blocks and improve their productivity. But sales operations managers also have the power to motivate reps to peak performance. Here are three awesome ways that sales ops experts are motivating […]

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Jesse Davis West is Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Revenue.io, focusing on improving the experience and maximizing the lifetime value for customers across their entire journey. Drawing on 11 years of B2B marketing experience, Jesse is passionate about communication, branding and strategic marketing. He also plays a mean lead guitar and can throw down at karaoke.