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If you’re like many sales leaders, you’re feeling the pressure to onboard and ramp up a sales team quickly. It can be tempting to hire any rep who seems reasonably intelligent and likable. And sure, the right sales coaching and sales tools can help most reps perform better. But that doesn’t mean you should hire every […]
What qualities make sales leaders successful? There are several different ways to successfully lead a sales team. Some sales managers are like drill sergeants, the ultimate task masters set on transforming each sales rep into a singular, elite force. Other sales managers lead from the trenches, taking calls right along with SDRs, and taking the […]
If you’re managing an inside sales team, you’re probably tracking at least a few sales metrics. But if you’re looking for new ways to have the best quarter of your career, try taking a deeper dive. Obvious metrics like revenue per rep and time to close are probably never not going to be in the must-track category. […]
Using email templates can be a great way to save time. Especially if you add personal touches to make them not seem like mindless form letters sent by credit card companies. But if you are going to use email templates, it’s absolutely vital to constantly adjust strategies. Because email templates that have, in the past, […]
When you’re reaching out to new prospects via telephone, there is little room for error. You only have, at most, a minute to convince a prospect to stay on the phone. So how can you get prospects to not only stay on the phone, but engage them enough to convert them into buyers? The answer is that […]
Let me ask a question that I hope you can answer honestly. How much time are you really spending personalizing each sales email you send? If you’ve been noticing a drop in email response rates (or if they were never exactly soaring to begin with), you’re not alone. Across the board, sales reps are having […]
Well 2016 is half-over. And I have to say that—already—it’s been my favorite year working on the Revenue.io blog. While we have always had some awesome one-off guest posts here and there, this year we’ve really tried to highlight thought leadership from some of today’s most prominent and up-and-coming sales professionals and entrepreneurs with their […]
Are your reps having trouble connecting with prospects? Are they having to dial over a hundred prospects to have a single meaningful conversation? If so, your sales technology stack just might not be cutting it. A lot of sales managers set strict dialing quotas. Sometimes reps need to dial 70 prospects daily. Often it’s even more. In […]
Have you noticed a sharp uptick in sales emails appearing in your email and LinkedIn inboxes? I know I have. According to the Email Statistics Report from the Radicati Group, there has been a steady increase in the number of business emails both sent and received. As of last year, the average employee receives a whopping 84 […]
The most important rule in sales isn’t always be closing (ABC), it’s always be helping (ABH). And in order to help prospective clients, you need to ask a variety of questions. Without asking questions, it can be impossible to know how best to help a prospect, or if you are even the right vendor to […]
Imagine you’re an inbound sales rep. You get a call from a lead that is not yet in Salesforce (if they were in Salesforce, Revenue.io would automatically show you who they are, how they’ve engaged with your company in the past, and what to say to them). They’ve never filled out a form before. They […]
The days of long ramp periods for sales reps are coming to an end. In this highly competitive sales landscape, there’s little time to wait. That’s why it’s absolutely vital for sales managers to help reps drive pipeline and win revenue as fast as humanly possible. So how can inside sales managers help reps hit the ground running? In […]

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Jesse Davis West is Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Revenue.io, focusing on improving the experience and maximizing the lifetime value for customers across their entire journey. Drawing on 11 years of B2B marketing experience, Jesse is passionate about communication, branding and strategic marketing. He also plays a mean lead guitar and can throw down at karaoke.