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Opportunities form the lifeblood of a sales organization. Your sales development reps (SDRs) spend their days trying to source opportunities. While your account executives spend their days trying to transform opportunities into customers. As an inside sales manager, you need to keep a close eye on opportunity metrics. Because if your SDRs aren’t sourcing enough […]
When you get on the phone with prospects, you are the front-line emissary for your brands. With the right knowledge and attitude, your prospects will see you as an ally who is helping them solve problems. But far too often, sales reps and SDRs strike out during sales calls. Why do they strike out? Usually it comes down to the […]
Great sales operations managers are always on the lookout for new ways to enable reps to sell better. According to TOPO HQ, high growth teams are leveraging an average of five technologies in their sales stack. However, before adding a new tool, it’s important to make sure it will play well with your other applications. Here are seven […]
Telephony and Salesforce go together like toast and Nutella. So if your reps are spending any substantial portion of their time on the phone, it only makes sense to integrate call data with Salesforce. Why? Because when telephony integrates with Salesforce the possibilities are virtually limitless. Vital call data can be auto-logged in CRM, actionable prospect data can […]
I have a confession: when I first got into sales, my understanding of call metrics was pretty limited. The only sales call metrics I ever thought of were very basic call center metrics like average talk time, inbound calls per day, outbound calls per day and calls by time of day. Over time, I realized […]
Sales development reps typically make a lot of calls every day. From talking to our customers, I can tell you that dialing over 100 prospects daily is not uncommon. Now imagine that you asked each SDR on your team, before they dial a prospect, what they are trying to accomplish. Chances are that reps might say something […]
Now is the perfect time to ask yourself the question: how can I sell more this year? Whether you are a sales development rep, and account executive there are always ways to improve. Reps can ask more astute questions, solve customer’s pain points faster and better overcome objections. While managers can discover new strategies and […]
I’ve always loved watching great films. And something that I’ve found about my favorite movies is that they aren’t just entertaining, they’ve also inspired me in countless ways. As an example, watching Jurassic Park inspired me to take a paleontology class in college. More recently, I started reading about astronomy after watching Interstellar. But when I see […]
If your sales reps are working in Google Chrome, there are some enormous opportunities to accelerate sales by leveraging Chrome extensions. I personally love using Chrome extensions because they have a nice way of fitting in seamlessly with my workflow, yet simultaneously improving it. Here are six great ones: Assistant.to Free or Paid: Free Scheduling meetings […]
In karate, there are a lot of skills that you need to master before gaining a black belt. You might be better at breaking boards with a high kick than anyone on the planet, but that skill alone is not enough . Sales is kind of like karate in the sense that there are a lot […]
If you have a B2B sales team, every sales and marketing activity is leading up to a pivotal moment – a phone call. Your SDRs spend hours trying to connect with viable prospects and marketers expend countless resources just to get customers to call. So the last thing you want is to lose visibility into the […]
Today, if you want to see better sales and marketing results, it’s often as simple as getting better tools. However, assembling a marketing and sales stack can be overwhelming. There are a lot of sales and marketing processes that can be automated and accelerated. But you can’t buy them all, and wouldn’t want to, since not all sales […]

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Jesse Davis West is Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Revenue.io, focusing on improving the experience and maximizing the lifetime value for customers across their entire journey. Drawing on 11 years of B2B marketing experience, Jesse is passionate about communication, branding and strategic marketing. He also plays a mean lead guitar and can throw down at karaoke.