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One of the most rewarding aspects of managing an inside sales team is helping your reps to become more successful salespeople. Hiring sales reps is one of the most important investments that a company makes. And turnover is costly! In fact, a DePaul University’s Sales Effectiveness Survey found the average cost of turnover for a single sales […]
To build a world-class sales organization, you need to be able to predict the future. And by tracking the right metrics, sales leaders can gain the fuel they need to make smarter decisions and help their sales teams drive more revenue than ever. So if your sales team is not already leveraging predictive analytics, you may be […]
Since releasing our Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics, I’ve had some time to reflect on what the most important sales metric is. While there are dozens of metrics that I believe sales leaders must track in order to succeed, one metric keeps sticking out in my mind, and it’s a fairly simple one: sales conversations […]
House of Cards is back for its forth season. This is just one of those shows that keeps getting better and better and I can hardly wait to see how the latest season ends (I envision some binge-watching in my future). If you’re new to House of Cards, it’s the story of Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), […]
In my experience, one of the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful sales reps has been the amount of sales conversations that they have each day. A lot of work goes into having a single successful sales conversation. The most successful reps follow up relentlessly, leverage tools to connect with more prospects and can keep qualified prospects on […]
Sales development reps (SDRs) are the lifeblood of many successful B2B sales teams. Unless you’re 100% relying on inbound leads, your SDRs need to source enough high quality opportunities for your account executives to hit their quota. If your SDRs are having a bad quarter or even a bad month, it can have catastrophic effects on your pipeline […]
If your inside sales team is making a lot of calls and using Salesforce, it makes a lot of sense to integrate telephony and CRM as closely as possible. By adding voice capabilities to Salesforce, not only will reps reap massive productivity gains, but managers will also be rewarded with greater visibility into reps’ activities and outcomes. So if […]
I just got finished reading Salesforce’s recent eBook, which features 100 sales tips from a wide variety of sales and marketing leaders. What really struck me about this eBook is the vast ground that these actionable tips covered: from negotiating deals, to leveraging sales technology to using content to influence sales. “If you don’t ask, the answer […]
There are so many factors that go into managing a sales development team. You need the right reps, a solid strategy and a repeatable sales process. However, one of the most important things that sales leaders need is insight into their SDRs’ activities. It seems simple enough, but unless you’re tracking the right data points […]
Valentine’s Day is here again. Now I know some of you may associate this holiday with sending over-priced flowers, booking reservations a month in advanced for a lackluster prix-fixed meal or being not-so-gently reminded that you’re single (Hey, I used to be a Valentine’s Day hater myself). But then I came to the realization that any opportunity to show […]
Sales operations professionals are often the unsung heroes of a sales team. Sure, you need seasoned closers to run deals into the end zone. But unless reps are using CRM properly and adhering to a sales process, deals that could have resulted in touchdowns will end up languishing near the 20-yard line. A great sales operations manager can make closing […]
Opportunities form the lifeblood of any sales organization. They are the glue between sales development reps (SDRs) and account executives. As your SDRs focus fervently on sourcing ops, your quota-carrying salespeople work tirelessly to transform those opportunities into closed/won deals. So if you want to predict revenue, you need to be able to predict opportunities. If you’re leading a B2B […]

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