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Local presence has always been one of our customers’ favorite features of our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce. It’s easy to see why. With Local Presence, SDRs can connect with up to 400% more prospects by automatically ensuring that a local number appears in their caller ID screen. But until now, dynamic Local Presence has only been available […]
Winning customers is important. But if you’re selling SaaS or any offering with a subscription model, keeping current customers is often more important than acquiring new ones. According to Gartner, 80% of a company’s future profits come from 20% of their existing customers. So how successful are you at retaining your customers?  Here are a couple […]
I can’t stress how important writing great emails are to succeeding as an SDR. Prospecting emails have to be great because you not only want to provoke a reply, but it’s also a branding exercise. Prospective customers may not be familiar with your company, and a great email can help shape their impression. I recently blogged […]
As salespeople, the beginning of the year is a crucial time. It’s the time that we reflect on the past year and ask ourselves how we can achieve a new level of mastery over the coming year. Right now virtually all sales reps are wondering how to close more revenue then in 2016. And sales managers […]
Sales operations managers are often the sales profession’s unsung heroes. They’re tactical experts who solve process-related problems, identify and research tools, and implement solutions to help sales and marketing teams reach their full revenue-driving potential. If you haven’t already hired a great sales operations manager, chances are you may  need one soon. To find out more […]
What are the most crucial things to know about B2B buyers? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we were creating our B2B Target Buyer Persona Template. Using personas is a powerful way to discover and influence your ideal target buyers. And while I’ve been seeing more forward-thinking B2B sales and marketing leaders advocate using personas, many miss out on […]
One of the best things about being in the sales profession is how much brilliant thought leadership is readily available. Some of the world’s top sales leaders are more than willing to share best practices with improvement-minded reps. And while the vast majority of tips, tactics and recommendations I see are beneficial, there are still […]
Sending mass emails should be Marketing’s job. Salespeople need to build relationships. With that in mind, I’m going to share with you a shining example of a sales rep who did just that. The best sales email that I received all year was from Adam Brophy over at UberFlip. Not only did I respond to Adam’s […]
Sales analytics don’t just offer the power to quickly view your team’s past and present activities. Some of the best metrics act as crystal balls, enabling you to gaze into the future. Predictive analytics are getting hotter, as more and more sales teams are looking for ways to gain advantage. In today’s uber-competitive business landscape, you don’t […]
LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms available to B2B sales reps, and that’s why it’s frustrating to see so many reps using it incorrectly. “Using it incorrectly” is really an understatement. Several times a week B2B reps try to sell me something via InMail and fail miserably for the same reason. They request […]
We’re excited to announce that if your company is using Pardot, your sales reps can now not only see past sales emails in their Dialer’s feed, but also emails from your marketing team. We’re excited about this, since the move marks another step forward on our mission to help salespeople provide their customers with the ultimate buying experience. Here at […]
One of the best ways to enable your SDRs is by using target buyer personas. Think of target buyer personas as an awesome cheat sheet that your reps can use to target better leads and create more opportunities. Sure, buyer personas are nothing new. But while marketers have used personas for decades, we think that the persona model can […]

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