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For decades, marketers have been successfully using buyer personas to laser-target potential customers. Now, B2B sales leaders are starting to become wise to the power of personas. To help your team get started using personas, we’re sharing PowerPoint deck with target buyer persona templates. Feel free to use it to help your sales development reps (SDRs) do a much better […]
Over the past year, we’ve had countless customers ask us to make their reps to disposition their calls. While we’re rarely fans of forcing anyone to do anything, we recently rolled out a feature that gives reps a gentle reminder to do that that. We’re excited about this new feature because it helps reinforce the importance of […]
Revenue.io offers a lot of tools that can help inside sales reps connect with more prospects. But unless reps are delivering the right messaging, more conversations won’t lead to more revenue. As a sales coach, one of your most important duties is to not only ensure that reps have the tools they need to succeed, but […]
I’m always on the lookout for awesome podcasts on sales and marketing. One of my favorite new sales podcasts is Andy Paul’s Accelerate! Ever since collaborating with Andy on a webinar, our entire team has been fans of his approach to sales. In fact, his books Zero Time Selling and Amp Up Your Sales, should be required reading […]
Football season is in full swing, and so is fantasy football.  If only building your fantasy sales team was as easy as picking your roster of all-stars and watching your players’ stats rise to the top! In a perfect world, every sales rep and SDR on your team would be an elite top-performer. But just as […]
Even if you’re already an incredible sales rep, you have to work hard to stay at the top of your sales game. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for  the best sales books and sales blogs. Recently I’ve also discovered some awesome podcasts featuring top sales leaders (and their esteemed guests) sharing wisdom that’s both relevant and actionable. You never […]
Here at Revenue.io, we’re not just committed to helping sales reps succeed – we’re also dedicated to providing sales managers with innovative ways to coach reps to success. One of the ways we do this is by providing dozens of dashboards and reports that give real-time insight into reps’ activities and outcomes. This is great for identifying […]
It’s staggering to think how much potential revenue companies leave on the table every day simply by not responding to web leads fast enough. When HBR published a now-famous article on lead response, sales organizations everywhere became wise to one of the biggest obstacles that stands in the way of sales growth: lackluster lead response time. The article […]
When sales reps are skilled at selling and targeting the right prospects, having more conversations almost always powers pipeline and revenue growth. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go hire a lot of sales reps. The reps you have can do far better with the right tools and strategy. According to TOPO’s Sales Development Technology Report, that […]
I understand that the title of this post might seem ludicrous to some. But bear with me, because I’m going to give you four compelling reasons why sales experience shouldn’t be your primary concern when hiring new SDRs. One of the most common things that managers look at before hiring new sales development reps (SDRs) is a proven track record […]
Not long ago, we showed you an example of a great compensation plan for your outbound sales development reps (SDRs). But what about inbound SDRs? Inbound SDRs, sometimes called marketing qualification reps (MQRs) or lead response reps, are a vital part of any inside sales team. They’re tasked with following up with leads that come in […]
Do you recall a time, not so long ago, when sales reps kept notes on post it notes or spreadsheets? When they dialed leads manually? When they knew little-to-nothing about the prospects they were calling? Luckily, those days are gone. Why? Because tools like intelligent dialers, email templates, local presence dialers, and screen sharing have transformed the […]

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