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We Just Made Our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce More Powerful [Video]

2 min readSeptember 14, 2015

According to the Bridge Group’s recent Inside Sales for SaaS report, by simply using dialing software, inside sales reps can have 22% more conversations each day. But our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce delivers a barrage of high-octane sales acceleration features that will empower your reps to have far more conversations than that.

Here at Revenue.io, we’re on a continuing mission to help our customers improve sales productivity, efficiency and insight. To that end, we are consistently rolling out improvements to our dialer. But some of the recent features we’ve added have been so powerful and groundbreaking, that we wanted to create a new video to show some of our latest features in action.

Here are some ways that Revenue.io’s Intelligent Dialer is helping our customers accelerate revenue.

NextCall Button

While our Dialer always provided the ability to click to call prospects directly from Salesforce, our Next button enables reps to power through any list or report in Salesforce at light speed. The moment a call ends, a rep can dial the next name in a list with one click right from their dialer. There’s no need to go switching back and forth between your Dialer and Salesforce anymore.

Sales Activity Feed

The less time reps spend researching prospects, the more time they spend on the phone. That’s why we now provide a holistic view of any lead or contact’s past communications history in our Dialer. You can quickly see past calls, emails, Chatter posts and more. This radically reduces the amount of time it takes for reps to prepare for outbound calls. It can also provide valuable context during inbound calls.

Performance Coaching

Managers can now listen to reps’ calls in real time. They can join calls (known as call barging) and provide reps with instant feedback.

Call Analytics

Our new call analytics package provides dozens of reports and dashboards right out of the box. Our plug-and-play reports give managers the insight they’ll need to coach any sales team to success. You’ll gain real-time visibility into reps’ activities. You’ll also see which reps are most efficient at creating opportunities and closing deals. Best of all, you’ll be able to virtually predict the future. You’ll know which reps are on pace to hit their revenue goals and can ensure that there are always enough reps on hand to close incoming opportunities.