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Revealed: Sales Operations Secrets from Fast-Growing Companies [eBook]

2 min readNovember 30, 2016

What’s the secret sauce to building an invincible sales team that routinely beats the competition? How can you motivate each rep to perform at their absolute best? I’ve spoken to several leaders of top performing sales organizations over the past few years, and they almost unanimously credit a powerful sales operations plan as the secret to their team’s success.

Sales operations has recently risen to prominence as one of the most exciting and important sales roles. Sales ops was once thought of as a tactical role. But all that has changed. Thanks to the sheer amount of cross-departmental and prospect data available to sales teams, sales operations managers have the power to ensure that reps are on course to succeed. As a result, the sales operations role has become elevated. And they are often looked at by reps and sales leaders alike as superheroes.

Sales ops often help make key decisions in an organization including:

  • Which tools to purchase
  • How to structure compensation plans
  • How to measure sales effectiveness
  • How CRM should best be used


Whether your sales team has a sales ops team in place, or your simply looking for some actionable ways to kickstart your sales ops efforts, our latest eBook has you covered. Our team consulted sales operations experts at a variety of fast-growing and highly successful technology companies. We got these experts to reveal secrets that they’re currently using to help their sales teams win more deals and drive more revenue. Looking to have your best quarter ever? Our eBook is packed with tips you can start using right away.


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