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Sales Jargon Causes Confusion Every industry is flooded with trendy terms and flashy acronyms. Influencers and marketers coin these terms to make things sound new and exciting, increase perceived importance, and capture attention. In our space, it’s “auto-dialer,” in others there’s “MarComTech”, “FinTech”, and many more, but what do those terms really mean? Everyone perceives […]
The Patriots’ Bill Belichick is currently the NFL’s longest tenured coach, leading the team since January 2000. Over that period, the Patriots have won 15 AFC East championships, appeared in the Super Bowl seven times, and won five of them. He also holds the most wins of any active NFL coach. Obviously, the man knows […]
On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles face off in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. It wasn’t easy getting there, but as a sales rep, I felt all-too familiar feelings this season. In December, Quarterback Carson Wentz tore his ACL and was declared out for the season, forcing Coach Doug Pederson and the Eagles […]
“Whatever dude.” [click] Just the other day, I answered our company’s general line with “Revenue.io, this is Kanwar how can I help you?” I was greeted by a prospecting sales rep on the other end. A rather disingenuous conversation followed, where I simply and repeatedly tried to gather who he was, where was he was […]
  Sales coaching can drastically increase the effectiveness and performance of any organization by individually equipping and empowering reps to own their success. We know how to implement sales coaching strategies within our organizations, but what does it actually do for reps on a personal level? It Reveals Strengths and Weaknesses Sales coaching uses data, […]
No two salespeople are exactly alike. But when you’ve spent enough time managing sales reps, you begin to notice patterns. There are some personality types that are common to most sales organizations. And one of the biggest mistakes that sales managers make is managing every rep the same. Inside sales reps with different personalities will […]
It can be a challenge to remain customer-focused when the pressure is turned up from your sales managers, especially at the end of a quarter. It’s even more challenging at the end of the fiscal year. It’s easy to just focus in on the numbers. Now don’t get me wrong- we are all hired to […]
One of the most rewarding aspects of managing an inside sales team is helping your reps to become more successful salespeople. Hiring sales reps is one of the most important investments that a company makes. And turnover is costly! In fact, a DePaul University’s Sales Effectiveness Survey found the average cost of turnover for a single sales […]
The following guest post is by Dan O’Brien, marketing manager at Prialto. If increasing your sales revenue depends on referrals, then you need to focus on building trust. When people trust you, they will refer opportunities to you. While trust is a broad and expansive concept, potential referrers only need to think about it in […]
Valentine’s Day is here again. Now I know some of you may associate this holiday with sending over-priced flowers, booking reservations a month in advanced for a lackluster prix-fixed meal or being not-so-gently reminded that you’re single (Hey, I used to be a Valentine’s Day hater myself). But then I came to the realization that any opportunity to show […]
As salespeople, the beginning of the year is a crucial time. It’s the time that we reflect on the past year and ask ourselves how we can achieve a new level of mastery over the coming year. Right now virtually all sales reps are wondering how to close more revenue then in 2016. And sales managers […]
Sending mass emails should be Marketing’s job. Salespeople need to build relationships. With that in mind, I’m going to share with you a shining example of a sales rep who did just that. The best sales email that I received all year was from Adam Brophy over at UberFlip. Not only did I respond to Adam’s […]