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What is the ROI of Sales Acceleration Software?

2 min readOctober 10, 2016

Ever been curious about the return on investment your competitors are getting from their technology investments?

ROI of sales acceleration technologyWhile the sales acceleration ROI story is one we at Revenue.io hear every single day, many companies are still trying to make sense of how best to use sales technology (let alone how to measure ROI!). Both questions are well worth exploring.

There’s a reason why the industry is exploding – while ROI depends greatly on the type of company, sales model and technology utilization, sales acceleration tools show significant results.

As just one example, a sales development rep (SDR) working within a typical inside sales team will see a 2X lift in dials per day and a 4X lift in conversations (call to conversation rate) per day using local presence dialing. Using standard industry benchmarks for things like dials-to-opportunity rates and close rates, a typical rep not using sales acceleration tools would be driving $156,000 in revenue. But with sales acceleration tools, the rep would drive $889,200.

(for full details on how this was calculated, including tons of great industry benchmarks, see our new eBook).

Those gains are sorely needed given the stratospheric cost of simply building a quality inside sales team. According to David Skok, it takes SaaS companies 23 months to see a return on investment for newly hired sales reps (after that, the ROI actually soars quickly). Given that daunting number, it’s more important than ever to put technology in place that gives reps the opportunity to get onboarded and productive as quickly as possible.

That’s why we created  a new eBook designed to help sales teams thoroughly understand the landscape and the tools available.


  • rate of adoption for sales technologies
  • detailed “day in the life” sales rep use cases
  • hard metrics from real companies
  • functional checklists for sales, sales operations and IT

Best of all, this is our most “scannable” eBook ever. You’ll be wiser in two minutes, an expert in five, and a genius in then.

Good to go? Download it here.

p.s. – we modeled all the buyer checklists in this eBook off real scenarios that we were at Revenue.io have experienced with our customers. They’re also the same checklists we’ve used when adding solutions to our sales technology stack.