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What Your Dial to Conversation Ratio Says About Your Sales Technology Stack

2 min readJune 28, 2016

Are your reps having trouble connecting with prospects? Are they having to dial over a hundred prospects to have a single meaningful conversation? If so, your sales technology stack just might not be cutting it.

dashboard-calls-to-connection-1024x576A lot of sales managers set strict dialing quotas. Sometimes reps need to dial 70 prospects daily. Often it’s even more. In order to help reps make more dials, sales managers build out their teams stack with tools that can automate dialing. This is important, and we’ve built several tools that are helping our customers dial more prospects faster. However, what’s even more important than dialing prospects is actually connecting with them and having meaningful conversations.

In this post, I’m going to discuss some ways that your reps can have far more conversations with prospects.

The Power of Local Dialing

If your dial to connection ratio is low, there may be an easy fix: dialing prospects from local area codes. Our Local Presence tool is currently empowering our customers to connect with up to 4 times more prospects every day. By simply turning this feature on, reps can dial prospects as usual. Only those prospects will see a local number appear in their caller ID screen. This can offer a massive lift in call connection rates. Best of all, we recently made Local Presence even more powerful by enabling reps to dial international customers from local area codes automatically.

List Building Software

When reps are given a lead list, oftentimes there are a slew of outdated, disconnected numbers. This can have a negative impact on the number of conversations reps have each day. But by using list building solutions like Datanyze or Data.com, enable reps to search for prospects at companies that match with set criteria (a target buyer persona), and then obtain up-to-date contact information for those prospects. These tools can help reps build a lists of leads who will be more likely to want to engage in a conversation. However you define a conversation (e.g. over one minute, over two minutes, etc.) reps are bound to have more of them with a better list.

Lead Prioritization Software

Software that helps reps prioritize leads can help them focus on dialing inbound prospects that will be most likely to want to engage in a conversation. Solutions like Infer can help reps prioritize leads and dial the best ones first. If you notice a low rate of conversations, it can also indicate that your lead scoring might be off. Adjusting lead scoring algorithms in your marketing autoamtion platform (e.g. Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, etc.) can help reps prioritize leads more effectively and have more conversations with key decision makers each day.

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