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VAT IT Ramps New Reps 50% Faster and Accelerates Sales Productivity with Revenue


  • New reps ramp to full productivity 50% faster
  • Reps book 10% more meetings month over month
  • Increased visibility and accountability helps managers coach all reps—including top performers—to achieve better results

The Challenges

VAT IT has a primarily outbound sales process. However, without a guided and systematic approach to lead follow-up, reps were burning through leads faster than new leads were being created. According to VAT IT Revenue Operations Manager Justin Gillman, “Since leads weren’t getting the follow-through that they needed, we really weren’t getting the most value from our leads.”

In addition, VAT IT regularly onboards sales SDRs with little-to-no experience with sales. It typically took them six months to get reps comfortable selling, but in a competitive market, VAT IT needed a way to ramp reps to full productivity faster.

The Solution

VAT IT implemented Revenue.io to provide reps the real-time guidance they need to ramp reps faster, shorten sales cycles and increase quota attainment. Before implementing Guided Selling, calls, emails and social media connections were one-off activities, but with Guided Selling they’ve become part of a greater system. Next best actions reveal exactly which leads reps should reach out to, how to reach out and what to say, directly within Salesforce. Managers now get a real-time view of performed actions, scheduled actions and, most importantly, results.

By delivering prescribed next best actions, Guided Selling has also helped VAT IT onboard inexperienced new reps in a fraction of the time. According to Gillman, “Onboarding has been extremely successful. Thanks to Guided Selling, we’ve been able to take entry-level reps with no experience in sales and get them successfully booking meetings, engaging with lines and managing leads in half the time.”

The Results

Thanks to Guided Selling, VAT IT now ramps SDRs with no sales experience to full productivity 50% faster. “What would have taken us 6 months now takes us 3 months to turn them into fantastic sellers producing great results,” said Gillman.

Guided Selling doesn’t just help new reps hit the ground running. It also empowers existing reps to be more productive. “With the help of Guided Selling, we have seen a 10% increase in meetings booked month over month,” Gillman stated.

Guided Selling has also improved accountability across the entire sales organization. According to Gillman, “I no longer have to wait for the end of the month to pull a report from Salesforce. I can see, in real time, which reps are most productive and exactly where leads are in each sequence.” This helps Gillman understand what an optimal touch pattern for leads looks like so that VAT IT can extract the most value from their existing leads.

That insight has even helped improve results from top performers. For example, Gillman was able to use insights from the Revenue.io platform to discover that one A-player was not following up with all of their available leads. That seller, who was initially skeptical about a guided approach, has since become a champion of Revenue.io and Guided Selling specifically.

According to Gillman, the result is improved results throughout the entire sales cycle, “We’ve booked a phenomenal amount of meetings, which has directly impacted more contracts being signed.”

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“We’re seeing great results with Guided Selling. We’re ramping new reps 50% faster, booking more meetings and shortening sales cycles.”

Justin Gillman, Revenue Operations Manager, VAT IT