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Revenue.io in the News

Instead of succumbing to unreasonable fears about machines destroying jobs en masse, workers are better served preparing for the inevitable adoption of new technology and embracing the opportunity to improve their productivity with AI–augmented intelligence, that is.
To have better sales conversations, reps should ask open-ended questions, use reflective listening and show empathy to close more deals.
Reps have to accept the reality that they may not get face time with many prospects all year. According to new ringDNA research, many tech companies don’t plan to return to the office until Q4 at the earliest. To compensate, reps need to increase their reliance on AI, improved conversational tactics, and strategic timing.
We think Revenue.io can really help drive more customer engagement that will lead to a sale. So, we set out to get to know the brain behind the operation at Revenue.io. We interviewed the CEO at Revenue.io, Howard Brown, to see what it’s all about.
10/12/20 – Revenue.io was named by Comparably as one of the top 50 companies in the nation with the happiest employees. Also named were Zoom, Google, Microsoft, Apple, ADP, and more.
9/23/20 – Revenue.io was named the Best Overall Sales Tech Company by MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, tech, and products in the global marketing, sales, and adtech spaces.
9/15/20 – Revenue.io announces the release of one-sided call recordings. Now organizations can remain totally compliant while still benefitting from AI call coaching to improve performance, quality, and scale rapidly and effectively.
8/20/20 – How Revenue.io’s artificial intelligence platforms helps enterprise companies scale their revenue growth.
8/18/20 – Revenue.io CMO William Tyree featured in an article by Sudipto Ghosh about how marketing leaders are dealing with COVID disruptions.
8/14/20 – With survey data showing that 84% of sales reps say that they are more productive selling from home, are they also more successful? Revenue.io CMO William Tyree breaks it down.
8/11/20 – There’s a lot of fake empathy in the world right now. Howard Brown discusses how to develop real empathy and how to utilize it in sales.
8/6/2020 – How Stephanie Sullivan and ChowNow use Revenue.io’s call routing, analytics, and artificial intelligence to coach and scale their team.