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Turning Profitable Growth During a Downturn with Karen Clarke [Episode 1114]
Karen discusses the main things sales leaders should focus on for profitable growth like ensuring the alignment of sellers to the business objectives.


How to Sell Through Tough Times and Uncertainty with Paul Reilly [Episode 1113]
Paul Reilly, author of Selling Through Tough Times, dives into the topic of uncertainty and why it actually has a ton of value to salespeople.


The Machines Need to Work for Us [Ep. 67]
We’re back with Joy Rowan, Vice President of Remote Sales at AmerisourceBergen (a company that distributes more product than Amazon on any given day), to once again illuminate how using today’s best AI tools can help us really focus in on the human side of selling.


PHILPAL—The Top 7 Professional Values with Scott Miller [Episode 1112]
Scott Miller discusses PHILPAL, an acronym for his 7 professional values, which help him figure out what is most important to him and plan what to do next in career and life.


Top Five Trends: Revenue.io Sales Engagement Predictions for 2023 and Beyond
Here are the top 5 sales engagement trends for 2023 and beyond.


Bolster Training Structure to Increase Learning Efficiency with Kristen Taraszewski [Episode 1111]
Kristen Taraszewski talks about the challenges in training technical sellers and how they eventually came up with gamification as a way to personalize an organization’s training structure.


Double Your Pipeline: New Sales and Marketing Secrets for Converting Qualified Leads
It’s getting harder for SDRs to connect with prospects and book meetings. And that means marketers need to spend even more to drive high-quality conversations. Our latest research predicts that the cost of high-quality conversations will increase 57% over the next 4 years. For marketing and sales development leaders to hit their pipeline goals they need to be working in lock-step.


Using AI to Become Even More Human [Ep. 66]
We talk with Joy Rowan, Vice President of Remote Sales at AmerisourceBergen, to break down how using today’s best AI tools can help us really focus in on the human side of selling.


The Definitive Buyer Checklist: How to Lead a Successful Technology Change Initiative
Selling is hard, but buying is harder. That’s why we’ve created this checklist: to enable you to lead a technology-buying initiative successfully.


Connecting How Sellers Sell and How Buyers Buy with Philip Squire [Episode 1110]
Philip Squire shares his take on the perspective that the buyer should drive how a salesperson sells and the key skills that mean the difference between education and training in sales.


Create a Positive Buying Experience Using the Right Insights with Derrick Jenkins [Episode 1109]
Derrick Jenkins talks about the uses of Owler when it comes to sales prospecting and why, even with how crucial it is, some salespeople still don’t do their research early on.


Conquer Challenges Through Sales Effectiveness with Robert Koehler [Episode 1108]
Robert Koehler shares about his time managing marathon runners and how this eventually helped him see the importance of accountability within sales effectiveness and the many people involved in each process.