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Case Study

NFI Industries Transforms Sales Coaching and Books Up to 10X More Monthly Meetings with Qualified Decision Makers Using Revenue
With Revenue.io, NFI received massive monthly productivity gains resulting in 8X more conversations from calls and 10X more meetings with qualified decision-makers.


Unlock Your Greatness by Finding a Worthy Goal, with Michael Bungay Stanier [Episode 1075]
Michael Bungay Stanier shares his insights on the steps to finding your worthy goal and challenging yourself to unlock your greatness.


Sales Ops Guide to Increasing Win Rates and Reinforcing Training
These 5 notifications help our sales team at Revenue.io close more deals.


7 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople
In the timeless words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


FOMO is Dead. What Now?? Part 2 [Ep. 48]
Brent Adamson discuss what it means to sell on Customer Value Creation and how to win over “rational buyers”.


Master the Basics of EQ and Empathy, with Dean Karrel [Episode 1074]
Dean Karrel talks about emotional intelligence, learning empathy, and being authentic as defining characteristics of good salespeople.


A Great Customer Experience Creates Loyalty, with Shep Hyken [Episode 1073]
Shep Hyken discusses how to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the buyer’s journey, deliver that consistently, and ultimately produce loyal customers.


Everboarding: Enabling Sellers for the Long Term, with Garrett Rafols [Episode 1072]
Garrett Rafols discuss the urgency with which companies deploy new sales teams and the need to balance this with treating salespeople as long-term investments too. When companies have this self-awareness, they have an openness to innovation that reinforces a growth rather than a fixed mindset.


FOMO is Dead. What Now?? Part 1 [Ep. 47]
Join us in the first of a two-part conversation with world-renowned sales expert Brent Adamson, the co-author of The Challenger Sale and a Gartner alum, as we discuss what it means to sell on Customer Value Creation and how to win over “rational buyers”.


Moments Best Practice Guide
87% of sales training is forgotten within a week. But modern Conversation Intelligence solutions allow you to teach something once, then scale sales expertise across every call.


Align Sales and Your Personal Values, with David J.P. Fisher [Episode 1071]
David J.P. Fisher discusses the role of sales leadership in enabling the success of sellers, as well as win rates being an essential KPI.

Glossary Term

What is a RevOps Platform?
A Revenue Operations (RevOps) platform empowers Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to align around common insights, key performance indicators and solutions that improve productivity, performance and revenue potential for all teams. RevOps platforms allow teams to align and execute on their overall go-to-market strategy. The Key Components of a RevOps Platform A complete RevOps […]