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Bad Sales Conversations Are Killing Revenue Growth

New research shows that SDRs are having far fewer qualified conversations per day—down more than 50% from just a few years ago. To hit quota goals, reps need to ace every single conversation. The good news is that there are proven ways to ensure that your reps bring their A-game on every single call, and book way more meetings as a result.

Join Howard Brown (Founder and CEO, Revenue.io), Maria Bross (Director of Sales Development, Revenue.io) and Ryan Luebke (Enterprise Account Executive, Revenue.io) for a webinar focused on how sales, marketing and enablement leaders can work together to empower reps to succeed during critical sales moments.

Howard Brown

CEO, Revenue.io

Maria Bross

Director of Sales Development, Revenue.io

Ryan Luebke

Enterprise Account Executive, Revenue.io

This live webinar will reveal:

  • Original research showing how to improve booked meeting rates by 20%

  • The top 5 most costly moments where reps fail on calls (and how to help them!)

  • A surefire way to help even your least experienced reps sell like pros

  • How to increase quota attainment while reducing acquisition costs