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How to Close More Deals with Customer Value Creation

93% of executive buyers say their interactions with sellers are "useless." How can you provide the value your customers are looking for? It’s time to prioritize customer value creation.

In this on-demand webinar, two former Gartner analysts Brent Adamson (co-author, The Challenger Sale) and Alastair Woolcock (Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, Revenue.io) join Howard Brown (CEO, Revenue.io) dive into a methodology for closing more deals with customer value creation.

Brent Adamson

Global Head of Research and Communities, Ecosystems

Howard Brown

Founder & CEO, Revenue.io

Alastair Woolcock

Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, Revenue.io

This free on-demand webinar will cover:

  • How to deliver value to your customers in the first 90 days

  • The importance of data in optimizing internal and external processes

  • Shifting from “I” motions to “we” motions

  • Using automation to decrease buyer friction