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A great sales operations manager or director of sales operations is nothing short of a superhero. More and more sales leaders are waking up to just how important a role sales operations has become. Just think of all the data involved in sales today. There’s prospect data that, when delivered in the right context, can […]
What’s the secret sauce to building an invincible sales team that routinely beats the competition? How can you motivate each rep to perform at their absolute best? I’ve spoken to several leaders of top performing sales organizations over the past few years, and they almost unanimously credit a powerful sales operations plan as the secret […]
Imagine that you’re on a sales discovery call and it’s going really well! You’ve built rapport, identified an urgent need for a solution and established that your prospect meets all your technical requirements. But the most crucial part of the call typically occurs during the last couple minutes. In this highly competitive business climate, you can’t end your […]
I just got back from a trip to Italy with my wife and the last city we hit was Rome. I kept thinking about that saying “all roads lead to Rome.” In B2B sales, you might say that all roads lead to a sales conversation. Sure, a relationship with a prospect might originate over email or […]
Email cadencing software is growing more and more prominent. How do I know? Because each day my inbox is inundated with more sales emails. The trouble is, very few of the sales emails I get are personalized. Reps are clearly just using set-and-forget email cadence software, throwing bad emails against the wall and seeing what sticks. […]
The Scout motto is “be prepared.” But perhaps that should also be the motto for SDRs. One of the biggest mistakes SDRs make is not adequately preparing for sales calls. Sure, there isn’t time to extensively research every sales prospect. But suppose that a key decision maker at one of your target accounts filled out a contact […]
We’ve all probably heard Peter Drucker’s famous quote “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.” One of the biggest mistakes sales leaders make is not tracking enough metrics. The days of waiting to see who hits and misses their quota should be long gone by now. The reason why? There’s just not time to wait. In […]
For SDRs, a great sales discovery call can add a valuable opportunity to your pipeline. But far too often, reps sabotage a fleeting opportunity to transform a hot lead into a loyal customer. Obviously, they don’t do it on purpose. In fact, they often walk away from the call thinking, “that went well!” and then be shocked when […]
Sales acceleration software is a category of software that’s designed to maximize sales revenue by driving sales efficiencies and improving sales effectiveness. This involves not only automating sales processes, but also increasing the velocity of sales by helping reps identify the best prospects, connect with them more successfully and have more intelligent conversations during the […]
Here’s the continuation of our interview with ServiceNow’s sales development leader Ralph Barsi. You can read part one here. Boston VC David Skok estimates that it takes almost two years to get your hiring investment back for sales reps. How do you make sure you see ROI way before that? Ralph Barsi: Food for thought: More […]
Leaving voicemails can be one of the most powerful sales channels. I often get over 100 sales emails in my inbox a day. But I get very few voicemails from salespeople. A great voicemail can be an excellent way to cut through the noise and reach your prospect. And remember, that voicemails should only be […]
I’ve been hearing more and more sales leaders discussing the importance of sales enablement lately. Sure, hiring the right inside sales reps will always be important. But I think that more sales organizations are starting to get hip to the fact that—in this highly competitive market—sales talent alone isn’t close to enough. Beyond talent, hustle and other […]

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Jesse Davis West is Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Revenue.io, focusing on improving the experience and maximizing the lifetime value for customers across their entire journey. Drawing on 11 years of B2B marketing experience, Jesse is passionate about communication, branding and strategic marketing. He also plays a mean lead guitar and can throw down at karaoke.