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RingDNA Dialer for Salesforce

More Dials.
Smarter Conversations.
More Revenue.

Dial more of your best prospects.

Trusted by the World’s Best Sales Teams

Revenue.io is the only company included in the most recent Forrester Waves for Conversation Intelligence and Sales Engagement

Leader in Conversation Intelligence

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Sales Engagement Strong Performer

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The Salesforce Dialer For Top Performance

Enable The Perfect Sales Workflow

Every solution a salesperson needs to convert customers, prospects and leads.

Eliminate Busywork For Maximum Productivity

Automate processes and eliminate unnecessary data entry.

Call More Prospects and Leads With Ease

Click to call from anywhere in the browser, blitz through lead lists and drop voicemails quickly.

Automatically Capture Activity Data in Salesforce

100% of call activity is automatically captured and logged in Salesforce.

Save Hours Spent Leaving Voicemails

Leave pre-recorded voicemails when prospects don’t answer, saving hours per week for more dials.

Onboard in Minutes

Quickly onboard new reps with the world's best dialer for Salesforce customers, great for both inbound and outbound dialing scenarios.

Dial More of Your Best Prospects

We continuously optimize every workflow based on feedback from some of the world's smartest companies. With more than 232 million conversations captured and processed, Revenue.io can help your team be exponentially more productive.

Have Up to 400% More Sales Conversations

Dialing leads from a number with a local area code has been shown to boost connection rates by up to 400%. With Local Presence Dialing, reps can automatically ensure that a local number appears in their prospects’ caller ID. And return calls get smartly routed to the rep who used that Local Presence number.

"Revenue.io is a massive time saver."
Ashley Margraf is theSales Manager at Fundera
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"Revenue.io was our best sales productivity investment this year."
Scott Clugston is theDirector of Sales at Freshbooks
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See how you can quickly and easily get started with the RingDNA Dialer.

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Onboard in Minutes, Not Months

Download the RingDNA Chrome extension in seconds, log into Salesforce, and start making smarter calls.

An Easy to Use Chrome Extension

Make your calls, create text messages, and log call notes from one place, informed by complete prospect history. Click-to-dial from any number in Salesforce, Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. All data is automatically captured in Salesforce.

Making Your Call Compliance Management Easy

With automated rules for call recordings, the RingDNA Dialer for Salesforce helps you deliver impactful coaching while managing your local, national or international regulations.

RingDNA Sales Dialer Features Driving Exponential Success

Local Presence

Increase pick up rates with
local area codes.

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Priority Leads

Gain near-instant response times for your best

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Zoom Integration

Easily book demos without leaving your current workflow.

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Calendar Integration

Sales scheduling made easy.

Voicemail Drop

Record and drop voicemails at the click of a button.

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Call Recording

Seamless recording for every business need.

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Call Monitoring

Sales management solutions that enable peak team performance.

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CTI for Salesforce

Powerful, enterprise-level computer telephony integration.

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