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Introducing The Revenue ConversationAI Mobile App

5 min readMarch 30, 2020

Ready to go mobile? We’ve just released our ConversationAI mobile app, for AI-powered sales management on-the-go. 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a ConversationAI mobile app, available today on the iOS App Store and Google Play!

Maximizing the value of the Revenue.io platform

If you’re currently a Revenue.io customer who uses our Call Recordings feature, you already know you’re sitting on a goldmine of data from all of your call recordings. ConversationAI — our AI-powered conversation intelligence tool — helps you maximize the value of Revenue.io by extracting actionable analysis of every call recording in real-time, so you can better coach and scale revenue across your entire team. CAI, as we call it, provides a wealth of actionable information, including sales talking points, call context, social etiquette, sentiment, and other various techniques. These insights help your team drive more revenue, without requiring you to spend hundreds of hours listening to calls and training individual reps.

And now, ConversationAI is available on mobile, so you can reach the same level of productivity from wherever you are — especially critical in this new world of remote work. Whether you’re walking the dog, in the subway, on the Peloton, or simply having lunch al fresco, CAI will alert you to key sales moments and enable you to annotate calls on the go.

ConversationAI Mobile App

ConversationAI is designed to save you time by surfacing the calls that most require your attention, enabling you to review them from virtually anywhere. With the ConversationAI mobile app, you can:

  • Get real-time push notifications during key sales moments 
  • Be notified the moment that reps ask for coaching so you can prioritize in real-time
  • Review and annotate calls on the go (even when you’re offline) to provide targeted, actionable feedback 
  • Search call history by key phrases and saved searches to get the information you need quickly
  • Make key wins and losses instantly available by building your own playlists

Not just for sales, but every revenue-focused stakeholder

When it comes to our platform, the first set of use cases that may come to mind might be sales-driven, but remember that Revenue.io is built for every revenue-focused stakeholder, and this has never been truer than with the ConversationAI mobile app. 

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, product, CS, or Support, it is mission-critical to align your functional processes with the customer journey and Revenue.io enables you to do just that.

If you’re a ConversationAI customer, download the ConversationAI mobile app today! Available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about ConversationAI or any part of the Revenue.io platform, click here

Revenue.io on Revenue.io

Stay tuned for our CAI Mobile blog series where we will spotlight how Revenue.io uses CAI for each of these functional use cases! But first up for today….the sales use case, with our very own Head of Sales.

Revenue.io Sales Manager Ryan On Bike Inset Blog Image

Revenue.io on Revenue.io: We’ve just released our ConversationAI mobile app, for AI-powered sales management on-the-go.

With Revenue.io’s mobile call coaching app, Revenue.io’s Head of Sales always finds time to coach on the go.

By Ryan Vaillancourt, Revenue.io’s Head of Sales

An ironic challenge facing sales leaders is that we often don’t find time to coach our reps.

Other management responsibilities, like hiring, and collaborating on internal initiatives with other departments, fill up the calendar.

But at Revenue.io, the ConversationAI mobile app has been my secret coaching weapon, enabling me to listen to my reps calls during moments when I couldn’t do anything else.

Before we lived in today’s new remote world here is what a typical day looked like for me…

I’d have a 20-mile commute to our Los Angeles area office, which I often made by bike, bus or rideshare. As I launched my commute, I’d pull out my phone, open the app, queue a list of sales calls that my sellers flagged for review, press play, stow my phone, and start pedaling.

Whereas many commuters are typically tapping their toes to their favorite morning music, I’m listening to cold calls – and loving it. Waiting for me in my Revenue.io inbox are calls specifically flagged for feedback by individual reps, who during or after a recent call clicked the “coach” button in the Revenue.io Intelligent Dialer. Then there are the calls that I’ve customized the tool to automatically flag for me. For example, my CAI inbox includes all calls that leverage a listening technique that was the subject of a recent training (the technique is negotiation expert Chris Voss’ so-called “label”).

A few weeks ago, when I started my ride, I had 36 calls in my inbox. Many of those are 2-3 minute, unsuccessful cold calls. When a rep flags these calls, the implicit ask is “What might I have done differently to earn the prospect’s interest?”

While riding, I’m making mental notes about what I like, and where I want to provide feedback. And when I get to my destination, before I even dismount and head to the shower, I pull out my phone, and spend a few minutes tapping out annotations of the reviewed calls. When in the back of a rideshare car, or sitting on the bus, I can annotate each call in real-time.

And now, in today’s newfound remote work world, I find myself using the app just as much, whether it’s listening to calls while walking the dog, eating lunch outside, or when I’m on the stationary bike trainer in the garage.

Since using the app, I’ve reviewed far more calls per week than I had in the past – and my reps have really noticed. What’s most exciting is that when you give more to coaching, not only do reps improve faster, but they start to request more coaching.

My only problem now is staying at Inbox Zero.

Get the ConversationAI mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.