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Scott Brinker’s massive new version of the Marketing Technology Landscape is so vast – comprising more than 1,800 companies – that it easily earns its moniker as a “supergraphic” (Before viewing, raise browser zoom to maximum and don a pair of telescopic eyeglasses). Squeezed between the many no-brainer categorical segments such as Marketing Automation and […]
I can’t count the times that I’ve heard our customers raving about Local Presence. Local Presence dialing, a feature of our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce, makes it seem as though calls are coming from local numbers even when they aren’t. By turning on Local Presence, prospects automatically see a local area number in their Caller […]
Does your inside sales team truly have the tools they need to beat the competition? Without giving your sales team tools to help them to be more productive and close more deals, even your A-list salespeople will have trouble competing with less seasoned reps using sales acceleration technology. If you’re just hearing about sales acceleration tech, […]