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Revenue.io in the News

12/12/2019 – Based on employee ratings on Comparably, Revenue.io was named one of the top-rated places to work in the country.
12/11/2019 – Revenue.io’s Founder and CEO Howard Brown was named one of the top CEOs by Comparably and featured in USA Today.
12/10/2019 – Revenue.io was named by Forbes as one of the best companies for corporate culture in 2019. Also named is Microsoft, Google, Hubspot, and more.
12/9/2019 – Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown joined “The Close” on Bloomberg to discuss the positive impact that artificial has and will have on the labor market.
12/4/2019 – MarTech Series features Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown as one of the leaders who is shaping the future of martech.
12/2/2019 – Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown recently sat down with Sudipto Ghosh to discuss Revenue.io, the technology that makes it possible, and the future of sales platforms.
11/22/2019 – Stuart Varney of Varney & Co. features Revenue.io’s Founder and CEO Howard Brown to discuss how Revenue.io provides business leaders with information on sales statistics, phone calls, and conversations to improve sales performance.
1/24/2020 – Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown joins Fox Business News to discuss why the fears of artificial intelligence are overblown and how it is actually helping us as humans.
1/23/2020 – DestinationCRM, of CRM Magazine, covers Revenue.io’s 2020 sales prospecting performance report, which features an analysis of over 130 million sales calls to benchmark your sales team’s performance.
11/13/2019 – Yahoo Finance covers Revenue.io’s general availability of release of ConversationAI, Revenue.io’s patented adaptive conversation technology.
10/16/2019 – Goldman Sachs has named Revenue.io Founder & CEO Howard Brown one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019 at its Builders + Innovators Summit.
Cheddar – 6/21/2019 Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown on how Revenue.io analyzes business conversations.