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Higher Complexity Results in Lower Sales Productivity with Pouyan Salehi [Episode 1118]
Pouyan Salehi discusses if the complexity of sales is necessary, or if it could be streamlined to make the selling process easier.


Build Better Pipeline with Revenue.io
The Revenue.io platform works in real-time, augmenting human intelligence and providing AI-powered guidance before, during and after every conversation.


Measuring Success in RevOps [Ep. 69]
Sean Lane, VP of Field Operations at Drift, returns to break down the best ways to surface insights and measure success within a RevOps framework.


Reimagining How Companies Recognize and Incentivize Sellers with Kevin Yip [Episode 1117]
Kevin Yip explains how he and his company provide thoughtful, personal, and nonmonetary experiences to change the way recognition and incentives are offered to employees.


Bad Sales Conversations Are Killing Revenue Growth
New research shows that SDRs are having far fewer qualified conversations per day—down more than 50% from just a few years ago. To hit quota goals, reps need to ace every single conversation.


The Top 5 Pipeline Challenges of 2023
Research-backed trends and opportunities your team can use right now to overcome the top 5 pipeline challenges of 2023.


Meeting Customers Where They Are [Ep. 68]
We sit down with Sean Lane, VP of Field Operations at Drift, to discuss the best ways to address those challenges and meet your customers where they are.


Humanize Sales Management for 20x ROI with Wesleyne Greer [Episode 1116]
Wesleyne Greer discusses behavior-based skills development which is the idea that addressing the root cause of certain behaviors is what improves a seller’s ability to sell.


The Ultimate Sales Discovery Call Template
Everything you need to prepare for calls, provide value during discovery meetings and propel deals forward.


Practice the Sales Skills That Matter with Jordana Zeldin and Jonathan Mahan [Episode 1115]
Jordana Zeldin and Jonathan Mahan discuss how salespeople should develop their human and selling skills through practice, much like how athletes and musicians perfect their craft.


Turning Profitable Growth During a Downturn with Karen Clarke [Episode 1114]
Karen discusses the main things sales leaders should focus on for profitable growth like ensuring the alignment of sellers to the business objectives.


How to Sell Through Tough Times and Uncertainty with Paul Reilly [Episode 1113]
Paul Reilly, author of Selling Through Tough Times, dives into the topic of uncertainty and why it actually has a ton of value to salespeople.